Get a FREE heatpump worth £3000, with orders before summer

An EVi Pool will give you everything that you need from a pool. Available in three different lengths (6m, 8m & 10m) all designed to fit perfectly in your home.

Installation is made simple with EVi Pools.


We provide all the technical information you need to prepare for your EVi Pools delivery. Complete with all relevant information to finish the pool installation to the highest standard.


Each EVi shell includes an inbuilt insulation layer and pre-wired and plumbed Pool Pod including filtration and heat pump.


[Left] Pools ready for dispatch from EVi Pools distribution centre.

How an EVi Pool

is born


Decide the ideal pool location. Peg out using excavation drawings


Dig the pool hole, trench and Pool Pod base

Pool Base

Lay the concrete pool base and Pool Pod base


Delivery of the Pool and Pool Pod


Plumbing and wiring connected between pool and Pool Pod


Backfill and fill the pool


Pool surround & paving completed

Layers of an


Nano Polymer Coating

Vinylester Base Colour

Glass Fibre Reinforced
Vinylester Layer

Structural Beam

Insulation Layer

Polyester Layer

Glass Fibre Mats

Exterior Finish Coat

Installed for Economy

Built for Longevity

Evi Pools Energy Rating Window

Climate change is a key legacy for the next generation. Sustainable solutions created by cutting edge technology and great engineering are an essential part of making the right choices for the future. Every EVi Pool is designed to be energy efficient both in power and water. Matching the energy efficiency of an A rated double glazed window. Created from the finest materials using Nano Polymer Technology, EVi Pools are sturdy, durable and built to last.

Included in Every


+ Pool shell

+ Pool Pod

+ Pump

+ Filter

+ White Led lights

+ Heat retention cover & reel

+ Efficient heat pump

+ Delivery (lorry accessible kerbside)

   Mainland England

+ Chemical package


Delivery to mainland England*

Specialist equipment installation (filtration, plumbing)

Pre wiring and plumbing of pool pod equipment & pressure testing

Commissioning of equipment

Crane lift or lifting equipment to get the pool in the hole

Excavation (drawing provided for local groundworks team)

Concrete bases (for pool and pool pod)

Landscaping around pool

Mains power and Plumbing to Pool Pod

*assumes for 2 cars width

Heat retention cover & reel

Reduces heat loss through the surface of the water when the pool is not in use

Pool Pod

A pre-fitted waterproof Pool Pod to house all of the important equipment to keep your pool running efficiently


Included in every EVi Pool order

(Eng mainland only- assumes 2 cars width)