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We don’t just build pools, we create memories for your family.
EVi is the culmination of years of development to deliver a simplified solution for the installation of domestic, outdoor swimming pools.
The guided installation process makes it possible for a construction professional to install a one piece EVi Pool with technical assistance.


Pronounced “Eevee”

EVi from the name Eve = Source of Life

Source of Life = Water

Source of Life = Family Fun

Pool= Source of Life

How do we compare


We want to help you make the right choice for you and your family. So we have put together this handy comparison chart providing you with all the main benefits and features of EVi Pools and other comparable brands.

EViEndless PoolSwim Spa
Ground WorksSimple hole, base and backfill.Costly structural retaining walls and blockwork if inground requiredCostly structural retaining walls and blockwork if inground required
StructureFull composite construction with nothing to rust or degrade.Galvanised steel panels which can rust over timeSteel or wood frame to degrade over time
LinerNone, part of structurePVC liner that will need replacing in timeAcrylic liner fibreglass backed can get osmosis on cheap swim spas
Location OptionsIn Ground OnlyAbove or In GroundAbove or In Ground
Drainage (when installed below ground level)Simple sump tube providedSump pump or drainage requiredSump pump
Pump RoomSeparate dedicated weatherproof PoolPodSeparate equipment pallet that will need housing Under pool electrics and pump risk flooding and make maintenance difficult
SurroundAny option; paving, decking, etcAluminium copingsDecking with removable panels
HeatingSuper efficient Heat Pump (1kw energy = 5kw heat)Electric heating (1kw energy = 1kw heat)Electric heating (1kw energy = 1kw heat)
Optional CoverFloating Cover as standard. Optional automatic safety cover.Floating Cover as standard. Optional fabric safety cover.Heavy hot tub type cover, difficult removal and storage
InsulationIntegrated Insulators NoneSpray foam or foil wrap
Optional Swim SystemSilent Electric Inverter. Powered Turbine for wide smooth currentNoisy Hydraulic Powered Turbine but with a wide smooth currentUsually pumped and jetted with weak turbulent current

Installed for Economy

Built for Longevity

Evi Pools Energy Rating Window

Climate change is a key legacy for the next generation. Sustainable solutions created by cutting edge technology and great engineering are an essential part of making the right choices for the future. Every EVi Pool is designed to be energy efficient both in power and water. Matching the energy efficiency of an A rated double glazed window. Created from the finest materials using Nano Polymer Technology, EVi Pools are sturdy, durable and built to last.

Your EVi Pools

Layout Plan

Toe Ledge

A ledge for your toes 80cm below water level allows small children to stand all the way around the perimeter and adults to get in and out easily

Textured Steps
For Grip

All horizontal surfaces have a grippy texture to enable easy movement within the pool. Not visible to the naked eye

Water Returns

Clean, heated, treated water returns to the pool this end

End to End
Swimming Channel

Swim the length of the pool without steps in the way

Relaxation Area

A large flat shelf, perfect for a glass of wine or a beer. Or somewhere for the kids to play in shallow water

Led Light(s)

Ultra Bright Led lights illuminate your pool perfectly at night.

EVi 6 - 1 Light
EVi 8 - 2 Lights
EVi X - 3 Lights

Pool Pod

Fully plumbed and wired filtration system in a ready built weather proof enclosure

Includes Pump, Filter, Control box and Valves

Heat Pump

High Efficiency heat pump will keep your pool between 25 and 30 degrees March - September

Integrated Skimmer

Fully integrated, high water level skimmer, keeps floating leaves and dirt out of your pool

Also includes an overflow to stop water overflowing when raining