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EVi Pools Swimming Pool Bird's Eye View

If you are considering having a pool installed in your home but you haven’t quite decided which brand and model to choose, then you’ve come to the right place.


We have put together a series of comparison articles detailing the different features and options available with an EVi Pool and other brands available in a similar price range. Providing you with all the information you need to help you to make the right decision for you and your family.



Firstly let’s look at the different points you might be considering to help you make the right decision.


  • Uses for the pool 
  • Pool material
  • Model options
  • Placement and finish
  • Customisation options and additional extras 
  • Installation time and process
  • Cost and energy usage



Your intended use for the pool will often be one of the biggest contributors in making your decision on which brand is best suited to you.

Some of the most common reasons our customers suggest are;


  • To enjoy with family or friends
  • To use the pool to aid training or exercise
  • For children or grandchildren to play or learn to swim 


When making a decision on the right brand for you, it is important to think about all the practicalities such as how many people might be using the pool at the same time? Will the pool be used by multiple family members or friends or for children to play? If the answer is yes, you may prefer to opt for a larger size pool with a larger water area to allow for more people to use the pool at the same time. 


Alternatively, if you are thinking of installing a pool for a single person to use to exercise you may prefer to opt for either a larger pool with a larger swimming length or smaller pool with a swim system.



EVi Pools

An EVi Pool is a single, moulded, one-piece shell. The shell is made up of 8 layers including a Nano-Polymer top coating giving a smooth antibacterial surface finish and insulation layers to retain any heat that might otherwise be lost through the walls of the pool. 


There are two different shell colour options; Classic Azure Blue and Contemporary Anthracite Grey and three size options 6m, 8m and 10m. EVi offers a below ground installation with the pool running equipment is kept separately in a housed unit (Pool Pod) supplied on delivery. There is no ongoing access required to the pool shell so the pool surround can be finished in any style using any copings and surround.

Endless Pools 

An Endless Pool is made up of steel panels and a PVC liner. Endless Pools offer liners in four different colours and a range of sizes that can be customised between width and length from 1.83m up to 6.1m. 


An Endless Pool has an aluminium coping and after this can be finished in your desired style. 


Endless Pools offer an above or below ground installation with a few different skirting options available to an above ground installation depending on the model. As with an EVi Pool the pool equipment is also kept separately to the pool. This is delivered on a pallet and would need to be housed upon installation. 



EVi Pools

There are a range of options available with an EVi Pool. Each pool package comes with a retractable floating cover or, if there are safety considerations to be made such as children or pets in the home, then there is the option to add a hard semi-automatic retractable safety cover. EVi also offers a remote control swim. The swim system, powered by a turbine, creates a wide smooth current which can aid training in a pool of any size by reducing turning time, creating a longer swimming length and resistance in the water, enhancing training and time spent in the pool.. The turbine runs by a silent inverter so creates very little noise when in use.


EVi also offers a semi-automatic chemical dosing system and cleaning robot to reduce your time spent maintaining the pool.


Endless Pools 

Each Endless Pool model comes with a floating cover and the option to add a material safety cover if required. Endless pools have a range of additional underwater exercise equipment available including a treadmill, aquabike and row bar. They also offer a turbine that is powered by hydraulic power. The turbine supplied by Endless Pools will create a wide smooth current for swimming. However sometimes a turbine that is powered by hydraulic power can tend to be quite noisy. If you are looking at this as an option it is worth doing some research into the noise created in advance if this is something that might bother you or if you are close to neighbours that might be bothered by excess noise. 

Endless Pools also offer a mineralising water cleansing system to sanitise the water. It is also advised you add a small amount of chlorine every time you swim.



EVi Pools 

EVi Pools offer a simple below ground installation on all of their pool models which requires very little preparation. Once you have decided on where you would like the pool situated in your outside space, the area is pegged out, excavated and a concrete pad is laid. After this, the pool shell (which arrives fully plumbed and wired) is placed on top of the base and the surround of the pool shell is backfilled to complete the process. This tends to be a very simple, fast process. 

Endless Pools 

Endless Pools offer both an above ground or below ground installation. If you are considering having an Endless Pool installed in an above ground position this is usually a fast, simple process and creates very little disturbance around the property. There are some minimal requirements to complete this installation, such as power and water, and a solid base that offers drainage and that can tolerate the weight of the filled pool. Endless Pools also offer a below ground installation; sometimes this can be preferable, particularly if you are restricted with space and you want to limit the visual impact on your garden area.


If you do decide to have a below ground installation with an Endless Pool you will need to have structural retaining walls and blockwork built in the excavated hole in preparation for the pool. This can sometimes be costly and can lengthen the project so it will be worth doing some research into the costs involved before you decide on placement or brand.


Both pools can be installed by a local installer.



EVi Pools

The EVi 6 (6m pool) costs £29,640. You can find out more about our packages here. With an EVi Pool the ongoing costs are kept to a minimum; the insulation layer in the shell means that they are economical to run and offer minimal heat loss through the shell wall. Once the pool is installed there is no ongoing maintenance required on the shell. The only ongoing cost is that of the upkeep of the water sanitation as with any pool.  EVi utilises an air source heat pump which is extremely economical converting 1KW energy to 5KW of heat. 


Endless Pools

Depending on model, size and additional extras Endless Pools range from around £12,000 for a small more basic model up to around £45,000+ for one of the larger, higher spec models.

Each pool is made up of galvanised Steel panels and a PVC liner. The liner would need to be replaced between every 5-10 years and the steel may rust over time requiring  replacement.

Endless Pools utilise electric heating converting 1KW energy to 1KW heat. Endless Pools do not currently offer insulation in their pools.


Both companies provide a cover which should be used when the pool is not in use to minimise heat loss. 


We hope to have provided you with all the information you need on the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a pool. If you require any information on the EVi Pools range please contact us here