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EVi Pools vs Swim Spa


You are finally thinking about turning a dream into a reality and buying a pool, but how do you make a decision on which brand to buy when there are so many different options and features available?


We have put together this series of comparison articles to help you understand the main features and differences between EVi Pools and alternative brands available.

Size and location

To start to try to narrow down the options that are available to you, let’s start by looking at the desired size and location of the pool.


 If you haven’t decided yet on the size of pool that you think might be right for you it can be helpful to look at how you will be using the pool


Some of the reasons may be; 


  • To enjoy with friends and family
  • To aid training or for general exercise or
  • For your children or grandchildren to play or learn to swim


Have a think about how many people might be using the pool at the same time, do you simply require the space for a single person to exercise? or would the pool be used by multiple users at the same time or for multiple reasons?


When considering your outside space and making a decision on size, decide which areas that you would like to remain such as a patio area, turfed areas or a play area for children then look at the space you have left.  This should give you a good indication of the right pool size for your garden space. 


At this point it is also worth considering the ‘ideal pool placement’ within your garden. There are some important factors to be considered for example distance from trees, distance from perimeter walls and fences, positioning around elevations and pool running equipment positioning. This may all have an effect on the location that would be perfect for your garden space. For more information on this see our ‘ideal pool location’ here.


Think about whether you would prefer to go above or below ground with the installation. Swim Spa offers an above ground option which can be great if you are looking for a fast installation as this is usually a fairly simple process. The pool can even be installed on a patio or base you already have with the requirements being that the base can withstand the weight of the pool and offer sufficient drainage, a great option for a quick, easy install. However, from a design aspect, if you are restricted on space a below ground installation may be a more preferable option to limit the visual impact on the garden area.


Should you decide on a below ground installation there will of course be some groundworks required. The work required varies between brands. Prior to installation a Swim Spa will require structural retaining walls and block work after excavation, this can sometimes be quite costly due to the nature of the work and will increase the build time which should be considered when planning. Installing an EVi pool requires a single base layer of concrete after excavation, followed by placement of the pool and backfilling around the pool to complete the process. This usually tends to be a fast and straightforward process.


Now you have given the pool size, location and installation process some thought you may also want to have a look at the different features available. If you are looking to use the pool for training or exercise you might either prefer a larger pool to give you a longer swimming length or you could opt for a smaller pool and use a swim system, both EVi Pools and Swim Spa offer their own systems.


EVi offers a remote controlled turbine that has a flow rate of up to 275 m3 per hour. Creating a wide smooth current, similar to swimming in a river. Depending on which brand and model you choose, Swim Spas offer various different levels of current that

are delivered by different means. One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a swim system is that it doesn’t create too much turbulence in the water. This can make swimming difficult and seem unnatural so it is always worth doing some research into the model you are considering before buying to ensure that it offers a natural, adjustable current suited to you.


Both brands have different features that will be beneficial to individual customers’ needs and requirements.  Let’s consider the differences between each pool.


 An EVi Pool is a more traditional shape pool with features that are beneficial to family use including; a larger water area for multiple users at the same time, a perimeter toe-ledge that acts as a safety ledge sitting 80 cm below the water level (this can be used for children to stand on around the edge of the pool and to assist adults getting in and out.) There are also built in steps and a relaxation area should you wish to sit and relax. The finish of the pool material is a very smooth finish with a similar feel as (WHAT)with every horizontal surface offering textured grip to prevent slipping. Each Pool also includes pre-fitted LED lights and a heat retention cover and reel.


The pool equipment  is supplied in a fully contained separate Pool Pod, this includes a pump, the air source heat pump (offering 5KW heat output = 1 KW energy) and a filter. A Semi-automatic chemical dosing can also be added if required.


Once the pool is installed there is no access requirement to the pool shell and access to the equipment is through the Pool Pod. Therefore, the pool surround will not need to be disturbed and can be finished in any style.



Depending on the Brand and model Swim Spas have different features available including; integrated seat areas that are built into the internal shell offering more of a hot tub style experience (great for users that might prefer to sit in the pool), LED lights, exercise equipment and music systems. Each pool also comes with electric heating offering 1KW Heat output = 1KW Energy  and a one-piece cover that is similar to a hot tub style cover. 


The Plumbing and electric equipment in a Swim Spa can be found in the cabinet of the pool therefore if you were to decide to have a below ground installation you would need to consider that ongoing access will be required and build this into the finished surround style.


Finally lets have a look at the costs including any potential ongoing maintenance costs involved with each brand. There is of course, the initial cost of the pool and installation to consider which will depend on the size, brand and placement you choose.



When comparing the two brands going forward an EVi shell is a one piece solid Composite Construction that doesn’t degrade over time, the shell also has no external structure to maintain therefore there is no maintenance required on the shell once the pool is installed. 


A Swim Spas outside frame can experience some degradation over time, which would eventually require replacement. Also, some cheaper Swim Spa brands can sometimes use an acrylic shell with fibreglass backing which can get

osmosis over time. 


Again it is worth spending some time looking into the brand that you are considering to ensure the highest quality shell and structure vs cost and longevity.


Finally looking at the energy usage for each brand. Both offer a resolution for heating and reduction of heat loss through the shell therefore reducing energy loss. Evi Pools pairs an ultra efficient air source heat pump (5KW heat produced = 1KW

energy) with insulation technology that is built into the pool shell, reducing any potential heat loss through the sides of the pool. 


Swim Spa utilises an electric heating system (1KW heat produced = 1KW energy) with either a layer of spray foam or foil wrap insulation around the pool shell that is designed to maintain the heat supplied through the heating system.


There are many different aspects to consider when purchasing a pool. We hope to have highlighted some of the most important aspects that can help you to make the right decision for you and your family.