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Deciding on an ideal pool placement is an integral part of a pool that not only runs well but is easier to maintain and looks great too.

When deciding on the ideal size and location for your pool a good place to start is to consider the areas of your outside space that you would like to remain. Such as, a patio area, a play area for children or a turfed area, then look at the space you have left. This should give you a good indication of a pool size and possible area in the garden that might work for you. 

The pool should be placed a minimum of 2 m away from any building,  fence or brick wall unless you have consulted a structural engineer.  It should also not be too far from the house so that services (power, water and drainage) can easily be run to the pool. This will maximize the efficiency of the pool equipment and keep running costs at a minimum.

You should also consider the falls of the garden . If your garden is sloped it is preferable to place the pool at the top of the slope. This will prevent excess surface rain water from running into the pool. Which in heavy rain or longer periods of rainfall will make the water dirty, give a rapid increase in the water level and will create an imbalance in the chemicals.  

If this is not possible or you simply decide that the best place for the pool for other reasons is at the bottom of the slope you will need to consult a structural engineer and install a retaining wall.

Similarly, if you require the pool to be installed more than 30 cm out of the ground you will also need to consult a structural engineer and install surrounding retaining walls.

The pool should ideally be placed in a sunny area of the garden. An area that compliments the sunrise and sunset location if possible. There are some great apps available that can advise you on this if you are unsure. It should also be placed away from any trees including being under the canopy of a large tree. This is to limit leaves and dirt from entering the water.

Sometimes finding the perfect position for the pool is a simple decision however on other occasions once all is considered you may need to go back to your original thoughts and consider that relocation of a current garden area may create the perfect space for your pool. 

If you are still unsure about the ideal pool location for your pool. It can sometimes be a good idea to book a consultation with a pool company to give you advice.